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The New Yiddish Kitchen

Where do I even start!? To say I am verklempt writing this post does not even begin to describe it... Last fall Simone of Zenbelly and I started kvetching about the lack of Jewish recipes that were gluten and grain free. I mean sure a random recipe here and there but oy gevalt, where were the bagels?! Our internet chats quickly grew into dreaming about what Jewish family recipes we'd … [Read More...]

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PlanetBox Review

My children have carried the same lunch boxes and backpacks for years. Literally years. My eldest two are 7 and 8 years old and beg me every fall for a new backpack and lunchbox set. Honestly I can’t stand being wasteful and so for years I’ve told them no. Imagine their delight when our brand new… 

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Paleo Angel Food Cake + Chocolate Glaze

Today is the first day in basically a week that I have made it out of bed. It appears that flu season is still alive along the East Coast and during our jaunt to Rhode Island, Connecticut, and NYC last weekend, I picked it right up. I blame one New Jersey rest stop in particular… 

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Creamed Spinach {Vegan/Paleo}


I learned something new on this St. Patrick’s day from a reader. Apparently it is customary to wish someone EITHER a Happy St. Patrick’s Day OR Happy St. Paddy’s Day. But did you know Happy St. Patty’s Day is a no go?! Now my maiden name is Bailey so you’d think I would have heard… 

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Instant Pot Lemon Garlic Chicken

I am sure as some point I will not have THIS much fun with my Instant Pot, but I have to be honest…it really is pretty great. I’ve had more days lately where I run out of time and all of the sudden it’s dinner time and I am without a plan. When I was… 

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Blood Orange Tart

Blood Orange Tart {Grain/Egg/Nut/Dairy Free}

I must admit, I am over the editing process. I am grateful for it, but I am over it. Everyday as I count down how many days I have left before I send back my manuscript for Down South Paleo, I “look” for other projects to take on. Snow day crafts…check! Sort for a Goodwill… 

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Yet another snow day. I have to be honest. I love the idea of snow days.  Nowhere we HAVE to be, my littles and I all snuggled safely inside. Homemade dairy free hot chocolate. Quality time. Bonding. And then there’s the reality. My husband has to stay on the Air Force Base to oversee the… 

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I shoveled snow today and didn’t have a heart attack.  Small victories are big ones sometimes. Like a Texan surviving single digits. It’s exciting and depressing all at the same time. Know what else happened today? Unicorn vomit. That’s my nice way of saying, “My 4 year old dumped out millions of sequins onto the… 

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When Paleo Parents asks you if you want to contribute to a Cheesecake Factory Copycat Roundup, you don’t walk you run….to the KITCHEN!!! Awhile back I asked you lovelies what your favorite Cheesecake Factory dishes were and there were literally so many there was no way to even tally a vote. I contemplated doing the… 

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Paleo Cheese {Dairy Free}

My obsession with cheese is not really a secret. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love the stuff, in a very unhealthy addicted sort of way. And I had to give it up. If you haven’t read about my break up with dairy, you can do that HERE. But if… 

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Instant Pot Beef Stew


I get it, I’m a tad obsessed. For the past 3 days now I’ve virtually every meal in my new Instant Pot. I’d apologize but I’m not going to, mainly because this thing is freakin’ AWESOME!!! I’ve made my meatball recipe, hardboiled eggs, and now beef stew in this new treasure of mine and I… 

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Valentine Gummies

Homemade Valentine’s Day GUMMIES

What I love about homemade gummies is the possibilities are absolutely endless. If there are flavors you absolutely love, add them in, there is no flavor that is illegal. Well, that I know of… I typically like to sneak in some vitamins and immune supportive stuff like in my FLU SEASON GUMMIES which makes me… 

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Paleo Onion Ring “BUNS”

Oh man, you know sometimes I get the craziest ideas. This morning was nuts. I took my son to the pediatrician after getting all 3 kids out the door in 15 minutes. We had to hit the walk in hours for his very dramatic sore throat so that they wouldn’t be too late to school…. 

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Grain-Free Pierogies

Grain Free Pierogies

Today I am super excited to have Heather from Cook It Up Paleo writing this delicious guest post!!! Heather at 17 years of age has already figured out the secrets to good health and great food! Heather is the blogger behind COOK IT UP PALEO. She has been blogging for 3-4 years and loves to create paleo recipes… 

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Paleo Copycat “Bang Bang” Shrimp

I used to think this popular shrimp dish was actually its own food group. To say I was a fan would be the understatement of my life. I. LOVED. THESE. SHRIMPS!!! And it has been a looooooong time since I have partaken. In fact when Bonefish Grill decided to cater to the gluten free crowd,… 

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