Juicy Cubes

I am a big fan of water, meaning I drink a lot of it. Do I love water? I do not. It bores me. I favor bubbly water the most because it at least has some kick but I sure wish it had more personality. This idea came to me today as I walked through all of the beautiful Spring produce and realized that a splash of color might really help jazz up my H2O!

Easy, yet inventive, these Juicy Cubes can get as fun as your creativity allows. Use herbs, fruits, or anything else edible that might make a splash in your daily water. And don’t limit it just to water – this is a perfect way to have fun with a variety of beverages! Perfect for entertaining on hot summer days!


  • Berries, Herbs, or any smaller edibles you want to “ice”
  • Water
  • Ice Cube Trays
  1. Place fruit and/or herbs in the bottom of ice cube trays and fill each with water
  2. Freeze for an hour or until frozen
  3. Pop into beverage of your choice and serve


Juicy Cubes

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