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  1. Well I tried this paleo pizza crust. First problem is that I do NOT have a vitamix so my blender was useless. Second thing I tried was to use my immersion blender which caused it to burn out. I really liked the texture of this after I put in the coconut flour but it is almost impossible to get your things clean after. I have the crust in the oven now and it is almost done. When do you put on the fixings? Can this be frozen and then taken out and stuff added. I should add that I am not a baker. I have never made a pizza crust in my life nor do I bake but I really liked rolling this out and the as I said was wonderful and fun.

    • Gosh sorry you had such trouble with it. A food processor or Vitamix is really best but they are big investments! I would put the toppings on once the crust is already crispy and browned in the middle. Otherwise it will really get soggy. Hope this helps!

    • Helen, I’ve tried making this in my Vitamix but even it struggles. As I double the recipe whenever I make this pizza, I have to process the dough in several smaller batches. My Vitamix overheats (even with the first batch) constantly when processing this dough so I have to stop and wait frequently until it’s cooled down to keep going. And dough is comes out lumpy. What I did today was, I transferred the dough from the Vitamix to my food processor to finish it off. I think it handles the dought better.

      I’m thinking whether boiling the yuca long enough so that it’s almost mash might help…

      And I def agree, it’s also really hard work to get the dought out of the bowls and to clean the bowls afterwards!

      But it is very tasty, especially with my toppings of caramelised onions-beetroots and prawns or kale pesto and parma ham. 🙂

      I’m just wondering, with it’s gluey/gloopy/sticky texture, what it might do to my insides….? :-/


    • I was having the same problem with everything getting dirty. Goya actually sells already grated yuca in the frozen isle! It might be my new favorite thing.

  2. Yep, this is what I would call an absolute game-changer for someone who is AIP and is forcing her family to (mostly) go along with it! The absolute BEST paleofied version of a pizza crust and I love that it’s made from a veggie and not heavy flours. For the kid and hubs, theirs were topped with tomato-basil pizza sauce, sausage, onions and mushrooms, hubs had a spicy harissa, lamb, fresh tomato and cilantro one to himself and mine was topped with pesto, shredded chicken, artichoke hearts and garlic scapes. Wow, were they good! Good enough that I now make a big batch of dough every week to replace our usual out to eat adventures on Friday nights.

  3. This is the best Paleo pizza crust I’ve ever tried! What a genius idea to use yucca — thanks a million for making and sharing this with all of us.

  4. Have you ever had the dough poof up like pita bread when you make this…I did…maybe a altitude thing or something…?

  5. Made this crust last night and it was great! I’m not on AIP, but my boyfriend has an egg allergy, so I love finding grain free baked goods we both can eat.

    I substituted olive oil and ghee for the avocado oil and palm oil (because that was what I had) and the dough had a great texture and left zero mess in my food processor.

    Also, I had some left over yuca that I experimented with making into chocolate graham crackers… They ended up not tasting like grahams, but instead tasted like the chocolate cookie on an ice cream sandwich and even stayed soft when frozen!

    I’m definitely a yuca fan!

  6. I cannot wait to try this!! Approx how much yucca (1 lb? more?) do I need to buy to make a single recipe? Thank you for all your experimenting/perfecting!!

  7. I made the crust and it is indeed awesome! I think i could serve it to anyone and they would never guess it is not made from regular flour. I found it to be crisp, with a hint of chew and it held up great. I put on very little sauce per the recommendations.

    question – does this leftover ok or get soggy? We didn’t have any leftovers so I didn’t test. I am guessing it might get soggy but if it did I wonder if heating it up on a pizza stone might ‘revive’ it?

  8. I am so glad you decided to become the yuca slayer!!
    We all loved this pizza, as we did the ravioli’s, the perogies, the yuca cakes, and empanadas!
    Thanks very much! 😀

  9. This was tasty but it did not turn out crusty enough to be a pizza crust. It was great as like a pita or flour tortilla. I wonder what went wrong?

    • The thinner you get and the higher the heat, the crispier it will get. You can also add extra oil if you feel like it needs help. It should definitely get crispy though! Hope you have better luck in the future!

  10. Holy moly that’s yummy! After watching your video a few times, reading over the recipe, and then having your video playing (and paused) while making it, I successfu made your yuca dough crust! I can’t believe I was intimidated by yuca. I think this ended up being easier than combination flour doughs, and definitely easier than a cauliflower crust. Even my husband liked it. 🙂 Thanks for being th yuca whisperer!

      • You’re welcome! I’m making your yuca dough pizza crust again tonight! I’m so excited that I can make a pizza crust out of a root instead of a series of flours or complicated cauliflower crust. I like cauliflower crust, but I’m starting to suspect that I can’t tolerate a lot of dairy (so sad!), and yuca is easier and uses no dairy. Again I’m grateful that you’re the yuca whisperer! I’m having fun making your yuca dough. 🙂

  11. This was my first time using yuca…for anything. I LOVE the workability of the dough and the tastelessness of the yuca itself. Cheap, minimal ingredients, quick to make once the yuca is cooked and mashed. Seems the recipe could be played with to obtain some nice focaccia and naan breads…What say you?

  12. Finally tried making this and it was awesome. So glad I found this recipe–I couldn’t handle cauliflower “pizza crust.” It was too messy, smelled bad and TMI but caused gas and bloating that only those lovely cruciferous veggies can. The yuca is so nice and neutral tasting and very easy to handle. The texture was chewy but crisp on the outside. Even my picky husband who is usually hesitant to try my paleo subs for “normal” food LOVED it and was very pleasantly surprised. Only thing I had an issue with was it took longer to crisp and brown so I ended up broiling it for a few minutes on each side. I also had mine puff up like another commenter but i just poked it with a fork and it went down. Definitely a repeat recipe. Thank you!!

  13. I have no clue why it took me so long to make this. I was so excited to find yuca at my local store and I bought it up only to have it go bad because I never got around to it in time. My store had it in stock again and I was determined! Again, ran out of time but instead of letting it go bad I “prepped” it (cut off the skins and cut it in chunks) and froze it. With Bill and Hayley of Primal Palate constantly posting their successes I finally made the time. I was worried about all the comments saying it was difficult to work with and made a mess, but after watching the video Bill and Hayley made I was confident my Vitamix would get the job done. And it did!! I could not believe how this dough came together so quickly and beautifully. It was so fun to work with and I tripled the recipe and froze the other two balls of dough for a quick weeknight pizza night. Woohoo!! Thank you so much for this awesome recipe!!

    • I’m so glad Jenna! It can be a little tricky sometimes but I think once you get the hang of working with yuca dough it is in fact a very versatile tool to have in your arsenal. Glad you enjoyed!!!

      • Hi Jennifer,
        I’m so glad I found your blog! I live off grid in Guatemala Amit’s not easy finding all the fancy gluten-free flours you can get in the USA. The great thing about cassava I that I can grow it in my yard, how awesome!

        I made your dough last week and then tried the bacon stuffed bun recipe, it was great. I did notice how gloppy the dough was in my food processor as lots of others have said. When I made my cassava last week I made too much for that recipe so I put the cooked but not processed cassava in the fridge and then today I made this pizza crust. It didn’t goop up the food processor like when it was warm, and I made sure to well flour all my working surfaces and it was so easy, and not messy like before. And it cleaned up really easy too, even came off my hands fast. So maybe that’s a tip for people, cool off the cooked cassava before the food processor?

        The pizza was great too!

        • Thank you! I’ve been reading all of the comments on all of the cassava dough posts and can’t find any advise for the major GOOP the dough was for me. I will try cooling the cassava mash before I put it in the vitamix.

  14. I was surprised how easy and how well this dough came out! As someone on Paleo diet I needed some pizza! This satisfied the need and the dough was crispy and gourmet! Even my parents loved it ! St first I was no certain how the paste would form to a dough but it was amazing. Thank you!

  15. Sorry to reach out this way- can’t find your email! I’m working on a story on the best healthy food processor recipes for and would love to include this recipe. Is it OK for us to feature it in the story and accompany it with one of your photos? We’ll link to your site for the full recipe. Let me know, thanks!

  16. So my weak ninja food processor bit the dust a few weeks ago and my husband’s been lamenting the lack if your amazing pizza crust. Enter my mother, she had the great idea of using her kitchen aid to make the dough, so I tried that tonight. It worked!!! So people who don’t have Vitamix or a good food processor, it’s possible to do it in a kitchen and with the regular paddle! ?

  17. Oh my goodness this was delicious… I may have gone overboard on it though. Am I going to regret binging on the entire thing? (seriously– I can’t be trusted around pizza)

  18. I don’t comment often, but this recipe is worth a review. Just made this pizza crust tonight. It was AMAZING! It tasted like real pizza. Due to issues eating gluten, we have been buying gluten free pizzas on occasion, which just don’t quite cut it. Yuca is my new favorite thing to experiment with. Thanks for sharing this awesome recipe.

  19. We make this pizza about every other week and it is the BOMB! I eventually ran out of palm shortening so I tried just using coconut oil instead. It still comes out perfect every time! So if you are ever in a pinch, coconut oil works really well in place of the shortening! Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  20. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE RECIPES EVER! I have been making this for a while now and want to add a couple of tips I’ve learned.
    1) Add chopped garlic, thyme & rosemary. Cut dough in half and roll out to make an AMAZING flat bread!
    2) These freeze well. I put freezer paper between them, pull them out and toast them.
    3) MY FAV: Make dough. Cut dough in 6 pieces. Roll out to small tortilla size. Dry fry them on a non-stick pan. VIOLA tortillas! They are amazing!

  21. What is a good method for adding in the coconut flour after getting the dough onto the parchment paper? It almost seems that steps 4 and 5 should be switched?

  22. I made the yucca crust as directed and it came out amazing! Big hit with the family! I put homemade pesto, cheese, grilled chicken and dollops of marinara sauce. Delicious! Thank you for sharing.

  23. Hi Jennifer; We are a gluten free family and we recently tried this pizza crust for a friend that is starting the AIP diet. It was a big hit, really very surprisingly tasty crust, and we didn’t even have palm shortening (we used olive oil and coconut oil, with some fresh rosemary in the dough). We liked it so much it’s going to become our standard family pizza crust, even though we can eat other gf flour-based crusts. For our AIP friend, pizza is her favorite food and she was thrilled to find she can eat one that is so delicious!
    We found it worked best if you just brush the pre-cooked dough with olive oil & top it with mushrooms or roasted veggies… the ones with sauce were still good but definitely soggier.

    5.0 rating


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