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Legit Paleo Churros

Legit Paleo Churros

Two things you probably already know about me: 1) I’m from Texas. 2) Most of my food affinities are sourced from said state. I’m pretty sure when you are born and raised in the Lone Star state, there are some loves you just can’t really shake. Tacos, check. Queso, check. Sopapillas and Churros, check check. 

The other thing you might NOT know about me, or my recipes, is that while I always aim to make recipes with better sourced ingredients, I also am always aiming to fill a void. So if there’s something you love and miss, I want to fix that. To me, missing out on your favorite foods is the very thing that leads you right back to them, which, when you have autoimmune or other chronic illness, can be dangerous. Or in the least have some repercussions you’d rather avoid. 

I recently had a reader ask if any of the Legit Bread Company products could be used to make churros, because she really wanted to make them for her wedding. I’m hoping this recipe helps in time to help her celebrate her big day and also helps us celebrate the joy of churros, which are really pretty freakin’ amazing. 

Legit Paleo Churros

Legit Paleo Churros


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Legit Paleo Churros

Crispy outside, tender center, these churros are deliciously reminiscent of the originals you love!

  • Author: Jennifer Robins




  1. Heat frying oil in a saucepan about 1-2 inches deep over low/medium heat
  2. Mix the eggs, 6 tablespoons oil, maple syrup and dairy free milk in a mixing bowl until combined well
  3. Now add the Legit Pancake Mix [3] into the wet ingredients and stir until the mix is uniform
  4. The mixture should be a wet dough but not runny, it should be like sticky clay, not like the typical Legit Pancake batter
  5. Spoon the dough into a piping bag with a star tip and pipe strips into the hot oil, turning them after about 30 seconds or until golden brown on all sides
  6. Remove from hot oil and place on a towel lined plate
  7. Sprinkle Primal Palate Cinnamon Sugar Cookie [5] on top of the cooked churros
  8. Repeat until all the dough is used
  9. You can also make a chocolate dipping sauce by melting dairy free chocolate chips with a bit of melted coconut oil mixed in to thin it

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