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Keto Bone Broth Mocha

It’s a little bit different, I’ll admit. And certainly not your typical mocha in a mermaid paper cup. But this Keto Bone Broth Mocha packs in collagen, good fats, no sugars, and tastes pretty dreamy!


Keto Bone Broth Mocha

I’m not a breakfast person. I’m not totally an intermittent fasting person either. I’m a somewhere in between, need my coffee, but please don’t make me eat solids too early person. You catch me?

But here’s the situation, I have a surgery coming up. It’s not major but I am still anxious about healing as swiftly and easily as possible and I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to prep my body for it. I honestly feel blessed to have as much knowledge under my belt as I do, because I feel empowered by the education I’ve gathered over the years. 


Keto Bone Broth Mocha

So what are some of these tricks up my sleeve you may ask? I’m happy to share! Here are a few of the things I’m doing to prep my body:

  1. Arnica Montana [1] – If you recall, I had breast implants in my 20’s and consequent breast implant illness. I had them removed 9 years ago but one positive thing I learned from my cosmetic surgeon back then was that Arnica helps significantly with inflammation, bruising, and overall healing. I am taking it 3 times a day in preparation for my upcoming surgery. 
  2. Bromelain [2]  – Administration of bromelain before a surgery can reduce the average number of days for complete disappearance of pain and postsurgery inflammation (read full report HERE [3]). Bromelain comes most commonly from pineapple and so eating fresh pineapple can be beneficial as well.
  3. Vitamin C [4] – it has been shown that Vitamin C is crucial in wound healing [5] because of its role in collagen synthesis and more. I take Liposomal Vitamin C for its ability to be absorbed more efficiently by bypassing the gut. 
  4. Collagen [6] – Eating protein before surgery can help with recovery as protein supports the immune system and provides building blocks for many tissues in the body including muscles and bones. 
  5. Healthy Fats – eating the right fats can support the immune system and also decrease inflammation. There is a certain amount of inflammation required for healing after surgery, as it is the body’s response to trauma, but excessive inflammation can also lead to increased pain, swelling, and ill feelings. I’m making sure to increase my good fats in the weeks leading up to my procedure.


Keto Bone Broth Mocha

So what’s up with my hybrid coffee-broth situation anyway?! I have found that by concocting this not-so-common morning beverage, I actually can increase my protein consumption along with healthy fats and also keep sugar consumption down, which works as an antagonist for surgical healing. Here’s what’s in this morning bev:


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Keto Bone Broth Mocha

  • Author: Jennifer Robins


  • 1012 ounces of bone broth (use a neutral/less seasoned variety like THIS [7] one so it is not too savory)
  • 2 saches of THIS [13] organic fairtrade instant coffee 
  • 1 scoop THIS [10] chocolate keto collagen powder
  • 1/4 cup dairy free creamer, I use THIS [14]
  • Monkfruit liquid sweeteners to taste, I used about 5 drops of THIS [15] one


  1. Combine the bone broth, monk fruit, and dairy free creamer in a saucepan on the stovetop or in a ceramic mug in the microwave
  2. Add in the coffee granules and collagen powder and wisk until dissolved
  3. Drink warm

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