Zesty Turnip Chips

I am a bonafide snacker. I am neither ashamed nor embarrassed by this fact. I love to nosh and find that it helps keep me from turning into a total beast at meal time.  I used to snack on *cough* crackers, goldfish, you know, all the stuff that would send me running for cover now.

I posted my recipe for nutty kale chips awhile back and they certainly satisfy the snack urge.  I wanted to try another yummy snack idea with a different set of nutrients. Cue TURNIPS! Surely turnips can be made into chips, right? Of course they can! And they were.


  • 1 large turnip, cleaned and peeled
  • Seasoning of your choice: I used garlic sea salt on one batch and cajun seasoning (omit for aip) on another
  • Avocado oil for frying
  1. Heat oil over medium/high heat
  2. Using a mandolin slice into thin rounds; this can also be done by hand using a knife
  3. In small batches, fry the turnip slices until nice and brown on both sides
  4. Remove from oil and place on towel lined plate
  5. While still hot sprinkle with desired seasoning 

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  1. Kayla says

    These look fabulous! I would much rather make my own since I can control what type of oil I use. Most big stores make veggie chips with carrots or beets, even Whole Foods, but fry them in canola oil. Do these stay crispy the next day and few days after?


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