The Paleo Approach Cookbook

When I first started blogging, which was not that long ago in blogland, there were a few bloggers who were really paleo blogging mavericks.  I personally would read their posts, make their recipes, and learn everything I needed to in order to make my own transition over to grain free whole food eating.  There were really just a handful of these pioneers that I admired, one of whom is The Paleo Mom.  She isn’t JUST  a blogger, JUST a mom, or JUST a savvy business woman.  She is also a scientist…like a REAL PhD scientist!

The Paleo Approach Cookbook


Why is this so impressive, exactly?! Because all of her blog posts, recipe or informational are based on the WHY behind it, not just the YUM.  For those of us with Autoimmune disease and other health issues, having the scientific foundation behind how we choose to eat can really help overcome the healing hurdles we are so desperately trying to leap.

So why am I writing this post anyway? WELP, Sarah’s first Bestselling book, The Paleo Approach, helped map out the HOW’s + the WHY’s of eating to heal and reverse Autoimmune Disease.  And if that wasn’t spectacular enough, NOW she’s followed it up with The Paleo Approach Cookbook, which not only gives you very specific information about the ingredients, like “FODMAP Alerts,” but also breaks down all of the nutritional  components AS WELL AS Fun Facts that you might not otherwise know! Not to mention, it has meal plans with shopping guides, how-to’s, time saving tips and budgetary advice.  The Paleo Approach Cookbook really has it ALL!

So far I am eyeballing the Rosemary + Garlic Roast Beef, her Italian Vinaigrette, and her Maple Shortbread Cookies.  YUM!!! So if reading this post isn’t enough to excite you, how about if I tell you I get to GIVE ONE AWAY!!!!!!!!!! Sound pretty good? Then hop on down below and get busy! Good luck to all!
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